Charlotte Rampling

"She intends, she says, to live forever."

Namesake: Charlotte Culotte

Charlotte Rampling was sexy. Still is, actually. Her career began in film in the early 1960s in European art house and erotica. It’s great stuff. But Rampling also always carried herself with grace and poise and class, typically in a white button up, wide leg jeans and western boots. And she’s never been anything other than herself — a woman with a lot to say, not too delicate, not too nice, never following just one political narrative. She comes across as full of life and energy, critically thinking through the times she’s lived in and what it means to be a woman during all of it. Charlotte Rampling won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. She intends, she says, to live forever.

  • Olympia Overall in Nolita


  • Lee Jacket in Manhattan


  • Jacqueline Jean in Manhattan