Simone De Beauvoir

"One of the most influential existentialist philosophers."

Namesake: Simone Shirt

What is there to say about someone as intelligent, prolific and legendary as Simone de Beauvoir? She was born in Paris at the start of 1908; she died there almost 80 years later. You must have heard of her as the wife of Jean-Paul Sartre, and of their famously unconventional marriage. But while Simone de Beauvoir’s work was definitely inspired by her relationship to Sartre and their sharing of ideas, she was much more than just that. After working as a teacher at the start of her career, she was eventually able to support herself solely with her writing — almost unheard of for a woman in her day. She was lucky, but she also had the grit it took to actually do it. (Her father often bragged that she thought “like a man.”) She was incredibly thoughtful, one of the most influential existentialist philosophers, and one of the most important female figures from the 20th century. Her books are just as relevant and powerful today — read them and see for yourself.