Dolores Doll

"I keep all my clothes because I always think I am going to wear them someday."

This enchanting creature has been a model since she was sixteen. Dolores grew up watching her mother design textiles, so she is familiar with the fashion industry and all its nuances and complications from all different angles. But apart from modeling, fashion doesn’t look like it will be her focus going forward—since the start of her pregnancy, she’s been working hard on a new beauty brand, which she’ll launch post-baby.

Dolores is wearing The Violet top in Silverlake and The Lee Jacket in Nolita at home in Paris, 75003.

  • Charlotte Culotte in Soho

    $310 $245

  • Violet Shirt in Silverlake


  • Lee Jacket in Manhattan


Once she has her baby (spoiler- no big gender or name reveal here, sorry!), she and her partner have decided to stay in the little Parisian apartment they began their love story in together, nestled in the heart of Le Marais. To me, that’s a perfect testament that their +1 is just an extension of the love they share. Change can be nice, but some things just get better and better they way they are already.