Mona Walvarens

"I like it here because it has a soul."

I met with Mona on the hottest weekend of the summer in Paris. We sat in her father's art studio with her brand newborn son, Romeo, where she opened up about making the transition from acting to writing and directing.

Mona wears The Josephine Jacket in Nolita and The Charlotte Culotte in Montauk in her father's atelier in Paris, 75009.

  • Maxime Skirt in Montauk


  • Josephine Jacket in Nolita


  • Charlotte Culotte in Nolita


After interviewing Mona, I started thinking about all the ways in which giving birth shifts your focus and forces you to recalibrate all aspects of your life. My sense is that the stereotype that being a mother means you can't do all the things you would be able to without children is actually the opposite of true. In Mona's case, I saw how childbirth imbues you with this gift to give life to all the projects you've had lying around. You start giving life to the things that had been in the back of your mind. Mona's been working on a screenplay. I can't wait to see what she does with it.