I yearned for denim that offered more soul and story, and could imprint mine with as well, but couldn't find it in the wake of the early 00's stretch-crazed 'gold rush'. In 2015, I set out to restore that original feeling I felt had been lost in the denim world and Eve Denim was born.

The collection feels more like a personal wardrobe, stemming from years of collecting, as Vogue put it: "as personal as fragrance, as sentimental as heirloom jewelry".

I was born in Paris, am based in L.A, and love polishing American classics à la française, perfecting a classic, so it will be worn again, and again...and again. Eve pieces are made to get better with time, sewn with premium denim from legendary Cone and Candiani Mills. Pass your Eve Denim down to a sister, daughter, friend–– and with the launch of Eve & Adam just in time for Valentine's Day –– to your man!, but before you do, don't forget to tag and follow us on Instagram, @eve_denim & @eve_and_adam_denim.


Adelaide Bourbon
Creative director

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